What We Do

  • Residential Cleaning


  • Commercial Cleaning


  • Move in/out Cleaning


  • Regular Cleaning


  • Window Cleaning


  • Maid Cleaning


Services Overview


Residential Cleaning

Today homeowners live busy lives that leave no room for demanding chores such as cleaning the house. This is what ACR is here for. We can help you with the cleaning so that you will have more time for things that really matter - like life, and family.

Commercial Cleaning

If you need your business premises cleaned regularly, let us know so we could work out a schedule. Don't worry because we will help you choose a cleaning schedule that is both convenient and affordable

Move in/out Cleaning

Moving can easily leave no time for cleaning up, but don't worry because we can help you with that. We offer move in move out cleaning services that would leave you with more time and energy to prepare for the big change that moving will bring to your life.

Regular Cleaning

ACR ensures that all areas are cleaned and maintains the beauty and value of your home, and keeps your family safe from germs and bacteria. In the long run, having a clean home proves to be more practical and efficient.

Window Cleaning

ACR can hand wash windows, using specialized squeegees and razor scrapers, along with Sunlight soap, to remove all paint, dirt, glue and debris from windows, leaving your windows and frames with a sparkling shine!

Maid Cleaning

ACR can do the following upon request of the clients - Laundry Wash, Folder and Organize, Packing and Unpacking help, Light housekeeping duties, and Others