About Us

With more than 9 years of combined experience, ACR is an independent company, free of franchise fees and unbounded by 3rd party cost cuts. We hire direct and our managers and supervisors are not just pencil pushers, they are heavily involved in the general cleaning routine. They are constantly on the lookout for areas that needs attention, and improvement. As new methods evolve and technology gains more grounds, we also ensure constant adjustments are made to improve the overall cleaning performances for your home and offices. We are constantly looking for ways to improve techniques and employ new technology as they become available. This involves research and constant personnel training. ACR is here for the long haul.

Mission and Vision

ACR is not just another cleaning business made to provide cleaning services to those who needs an incredible cleaning experience. We at ACR, aim to promote a healthy, living and working environment to our clients, by keeping your values in mind and aiming in bringing you the best possible care for business and home without compromise.

Combined with our dedication and commitment to excellence at work, and best practices, ACR partners with you, to make your business rise to its potential.

Meet The Team


Originally, members of another cleaning service, ACR has spun off into its own independent entity taking with it the experience and expertise learned from the years of operation. Today, ACR is now a corporation, operated and managed by Simon Cuison with wife Arlene Cuison along with their children Samuel and Stephanie.

ACR continues to uphold a "family business" atmosphere, with it's core values evolving in providing the best possible janitorial solutions with it's client's values and needs in mind. "We've been around the industry for quite a while now, and I know the most basic problem of cleaning in Ontario", says Simon the company's founder and CEO. "The fact that the cleaning industry here in Ontario are squeezed so much for cuts and economic struggles, we have these "Giants" who also squeeze the cleaners on the other end, leaving the clients on the shorted end of the stick." Further, "Clients who pay xxx amount deserves exactly the amount of service they opted for and maybe even more! That's how we keep our clients. After all, it's the company's employees, who will use the microwave oven. It's them who will dine on the lunch tables and yes, sit on the toilet seats." They do not deserve to be short changed, just because of all the cuts and slashes the lowly cleaners are subjected into." We at ACR, know this, and ensure ample time is given to all our cleaners to do the job right, first time around, all the time!

Arlene, the companies' Account Executive handles all the client's records and is the face and voice of the company. She stresses the importance of customer relation and satisfaction. "I'm sure we can all come to an agreement of some sort, as long as there is a good relationship between ACR and its clients. This, I make sure never gets unattended." We exist because of them, and so when they ask ACR to Jump! I never say it can't be done. Instead, I ask: How high? By ensuring, our clients needs are on top of our list ensures ACR, that they are there to stay. ACR management is a team effort of mixed expertise. Marketing and Management for Simon and Phycology for Arlene is a mix to be reconciled with. The good news is, ACR clients know this combination all too well. The warmth and personal relationship ACR provide with their clients is exactly because of these traits and skills Simon and Arlene has orchestrated.

With Samuel and Stephanie providing the support and anchor necessary to keep the business strong and expand to horizons far beyond any other regular cleaning service out there.


Founder and CEO


Account Executive





Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

If you need your business premises cleaned regularly, let us know so we could work out a schedule. Don't worry because we will help you choose a cleaning schedule that is both convenient and affordable

Move in/out Cleaning

Moving can easily leave no time for cleaning up, but don't worry because we can help you with that. We offer move in move out cleaning services that would leave you with more time and energy to prepare for the big change that moving will bring to your life.